MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Example of a horizontal packaging machine

Each machine presents different challenges to the control system. Sometimes high quantities of I/O are required locally or are networked. Small controller size is often important, while at other times the key factors will be temperature, positioning, or analogue control.

For the machine designer, an ideal solution is to have a standard control philosophy that can be adapted to each machine’s individual needs. This is exactly what System Q brings to machine control.


Due to its modular design, System Q uses less panel space than many other controllers. In addition, Mitsubishi offers a wide range of high-density I/O cards and analogue modules that are ideal for minimizing installation space. For very compact installations, System Q offers an all-in-one solution comprising a backplane, CPU and power supply which is supported by an extensive range of network options for I/O and devices.


When designing a control system for a given machine, flexibility is often a key requirement. Many machine manufacturers develop ranges of products which require a basic control concept to which additional features can be added as machine performance increases. The System Q automation platform is ideally suited to this.

System Q encompasses a wide range of modules, including more than 22 different types of temperature and analogue modules, 20 different positioning modules, and a wide range of communication devices.

Supporting this are basic and advanced PLC CPUs as well as webservers, PC CPUs, Process CPUs, C Controllers, Motion CPUs and redundant CPUs.

Easy programming

One of the largest costs in any control solution is the programming and engineering time. System Q overcomes this with user-friendly, intuitive programming tools. In addition, we place great emphasis on reusable program code, employing function blocks and a sequential function chart. Embedded set-up tools support this process, making the configuration of special function modules simple, quick, and easy.