Energy Systems

Proven and reliable energy supply systems worldwide

Energy systems

With its comprehensive medium voltage technology portfolio, Mitsubishi Electric is relied upon across the globe to provide safe, stable and reliable energy supply systems. With a history of innovation dating back to 1951 with V-type oil circuit breakers for use on ultra-high-voltage lines, Mitsubishi Electric continues to focus on the development of electricity technology for advanced power distribution, promoting industrialisation and environmental protection through sustainable technologies.

Our energy solutions and capabilities include:

  • Energy management
  • Power distribution systems
  • Efficient motive power drives
  • Electrical network and equipment protection
  • Engineering and support services

Mitsubishi Electric addresses the power switching and protection needs of all industry sectors at all voltage levels, including commercial and public buildings, renewables, public infrastructure, energy producers, mining and power distribution.

Electricity distribution

Whether distributing power within industrial plants or in buildings, a reliable supply of electric power is critical. Even short power interruptions or surges can have a serious impact, so technology is needed to detect and respond to all abnormal situations to keep assets safe and running correctly. The Mitsubishi Electric portfolio covers everything from medium- and low-voltage switchboards, substations and protection systems, to comprehensive energy management and monitoring systems.

Mitsubishi Electric also works to save energy, reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gases with a complete range of energy systems: for power generation, power transmission & distribution and solutions for energy reduction in factories, mines and commercial buildings. Solutions include:

  • Energy management and network control systems
  • High-voltage switchgear for transmission and distribution
  • Power system stabilisation equipment
  • Protection and supervisory control systems
  • Transformers

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Industrial energy

Mitsubishi Electric’s medium-voltage products are designed to ensure maximum safety, energy efficiency and asset availability. Our portfolio includes a complete range of switchgear, variable frequency drives, protection relays and substations for extreme and harsh environments.

Mitsubishi Electric MV switchgear is fully type tested and independently certified using air-insulation technology helps to protect the environment and eliminating harmful SF6 gas. All of our medium voltage switchgear and associated equipment – including vacuum circuit breakers, cubicle design and busbars – set standards for long, trouble-free life and safe service.

MV Switchgear

Mitsubishi Electric’s MS-EBG air-insulated switchgear is a key component within electrical distribution systems, whether these are for providing power within industrial applications, public infrastructure, office or residential buildings.

Designed specifically for use where the IEC 62271-200 standard applies, MS-EBG has been rigorously type-tested to that standard, offering:

  • Safe and dependable power
  • 3.3kV to 24kV rated voltage
  • Busbar ratings from 630A to 4000A
  • Busbar short-time overcurrent ratings up to 63kA/1s

MS-EBG’s extremely robust design and manufacture is reflected in its internal arc classification of 50kA/1s, making it one of the safest AIS switchgear types available on the market currently.

MS-EBG product features

  • Factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear according to IEC62271-200
  • Maximum operational safety - withdrawable VCB while door completely shut
  • Robust, compact design
  • Metal-enclosed, loss of service continuity category: LSC 2B; Partition class: PM
  • Protection category: IP4X (standard), IP54 (option)
  • Internal arc classification (IAC) switchgear: AFL / AFLR – 40kA (50kA option) for 1s arc duration
  • Air as insulating medium – preserving the environment, no special maintenance needed
  • Visual confirmation of breaker/contactor position, including earthing switch
  • Single busbar, duplex-switchgear
  • Maintenance interval > 10 years

LV Switchgear

Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s type LS-EBG low voltage switchgear addresses the need for safe and efficient energy distribution within buildings, industrial plant and infrastructure applications.

LS-EBG/mcc motor/power control centres up to 6300A

  • Type-tested for industrial and manufacturing applications, office and public facilities
  • Withdrawable cassettes or fixed switching compartments
  • Flexibly equipped functional units for internal separation up to Form 4b
  • Fibre-optic light sensor technology option to detect and curb arc formation
  • Dedicated thermo-sensors for continuous condition monitoring

LS-EBG/db low voltage distribution board

  • Designed for distribution boards in offices and public buildings
  • PCC distribution up to 1600A
  • Fixed switch compartments
  • Up to IP55 protection

LS-EBG/bb low voltage ducted busbar system

  • Low impedance LV distribution busbar up to 6300A (copper) and 4000A (aluminium)
  • Type tested in accordance with IEC 61439-6 for nominal short-circuit current value of 105kA
  • Suited to LV distribution in industrial applications and large buildings
  • IP55 protection rating
  • Mono-block switches for full range of rated currents
  • Compliant to GOST (EAC) MSK-64 seismic withstand specifications
  • Fireproofing tests to EI-120, fire barriers tested to comply with IEC 1366-3 and 1363-1

Motive Power

Production facilities in almost all industry sectors face severe competitive pressures – they have to deliver consistent production throughput and quality, all at lower cost. Mitsubishi Electric medium voltage variable frequency drives (VFD) provide the precise motor control across the whole speed range needed to achieve high production throughput, as well as reducing electrical power costs and CO2 impact through higher efficiency and energy-saving operation.

Medium voltage variable frequency drives

The Mitsubishi Electric MV VFD family encompasses state-of-the-art power electronics and drive technologies, offering the best drive system solution for a wide range of customer needs. The range includes both drives for general purpose applications and more specialised designs for specific application fields:

  • Specialised applications (2,000kVA to 40,000kVA): Steel and non-ferrous metal processing and rolling mills, large capacity compressors, paper mills, cranes, conveyors, dynamo meters, marine, mining
  • General purpose applications (300kVA to 120,000kVA): Fans, blowers, compressors and pumps, and constant torque machines such as extruders and mixers.

Our MV VFDs are available in variants that drive 3.3kV to 11kV motors directly from any existing or new electrical source from 3.3kV to 11kV without the need for external transformers. Energy recovery capabilities can significantly reduce client’s energy costs.

Link to the website of Mitsubishi Electric's daughter company TMEIC to learn more.

Medium voltage motors and generators

Mitsubishi Electric’s range of motor designs draws on over 90 years application and design experience, delivering MV motor and generator solutions that combine highest reliability with lowest cost of ownership. They are optimised for size, weight and efficiency of operation and are produced by Mitsubishi specialist daughter company, TMEIC.

  • Horizontal and vertical type motors: flexible design approach to comply with the most arduous customer and site-specific requirements, from low noise operation to explosion protected designs.
  • Special application motors: motors can be designed for special or specific industrial requirements such as metal rolling mills or super high-speed compressor drives.
  • Generators: Mitsubishi Electric has a wealth of experience in providing power generation systems, including air-cooled turbine generators (up to 100MVA), wind turbine driven generators and diesel engine driven generators.

Link to the website of Mitsubishi Electric's daughter company TMEIC to learn more.

Technologies and products

Soft starters

MEsoftstart soft starters minimise cost by reducing overall electrical power requirements and wear and tear on your assets, providing ramped start-up (and where needed, slow-down) of motors. This prevents water hammer in pumped applications and reduces mechanical shocks and stresses on the motor shaft - as well as the driven equipment in your plant.

Our soft starters are effortlessly integrated into your intelligent motor control solution to offer higher productivity and shorter downtimes. They are an ideal alternative to VSDs when a more cost-effective, simple solution is required.

Soft starters - MEsoftstart

Digital protection relays

MEprotect is a flexible and modular digital protection system available for both LV and MV applications, increasing plant availability and safety. It provides optimised connection between the control system and the electrical asset base, enabling significant savings to be made during installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the assets.

Tight integration of the protected equipment with higher-level automation systems is achieved intelligently via fieldbus technology (including Profibus, Modbus, Profinet, IEC61850 and CC-Link).

Digital protection relays - MEprotect

Vacuum circuit breakers (VCB)

Mitsubishi Electric Type VPR vacuum circuit breakers (VCB) meet critical switching application needs that demand highest levels of safety and reliability. Multiple mechanical and electrical interlock systems ensure safe operation, while low maintenance is assured through the use of low friction greaseless surface treatment and long-life lubricants.

The compact design and optional mounting frame with shutter makes the unit suitable for new installations or as a replacement for existing or obsolete metal-clad and switchboard units.

Vacuum electro-magnetic contactor

The VZ-E vacuum electro-magnetic contactor (VMC) is designed for industrial or generation applications that require a high number of daily operations. It combines easy installation, simple maintenance and safe operation with a future-proof design that helps to preserve the environment.

Low-voltage Variable speed drives (VSD)

With over 30 years experience in variable speed drives, and with over 14 million units sold worldwide, Mitsubishi Electric delivers innovative, open, flexible and reliable LV drive solutions. Meeting needs of individual markets and customers, Mitsubishi VSDs carry CE, UL, cUL, EAC/GOST and DNV certificates. Features include:

  • Energy saving and energy recovery models
  • Large product range from 0.1kW up to 630kW
  • Networked systems are very easy to configure
  • Best in class product reliability
  • Numerous advanced functions