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A perfect trip for team building Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam

June 2020

Nguyen Huu Quynh Giang (pictured below) is a senior HR executive for Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam (MEVN). She is responsible for the company’s multiple HR functions such as recruitment, training, C&B and employee engagement.

Every year, MEVN takes its hard-working staff on a trip to somewhere nice as a thank-you token for their achievements. In October 2019, they went on a 3-day company trip to Nha Trang, southern Vietnam’s popular beach resort about 320 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. As usual, this year’s trip, which more than 200 employees took part in from MEVN’s five offices across Vietnam, gave the participants an ideal environment for team building as well as a chance to get relaxed and refreshed away from their busy daily lives.

"For 3 months before the trip, the HR department had had meetings to discuss where to go and what to do while over there", says Quynh Giang. "We asked everybody in the company where they wanted to go. And their choice was Nha Trang."

Nha Trang is famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise sea waters. But that’s not all; the coastal city also has a bunch of tourist attractions such as awe-inspiring historic buildings, beautiful natural scenery and heavenly hot springs.

"And we worked with event-organising companies to plan various fun activities during the trip—like sightseeing, a gala dinner and team-building games", she continues.

To make the trip even better, they also came up with a slogan for it: one team, one heartbeat.

"Through this slogan, we wanted to give the staff members a little reminder that as a team, we are all moving toward a shared goal", says Quynh Giang. "And we planned everything based on this slogan."

This 3-day trip was packed with many different memorable experiences, but each of them gave the MEVN staff something in common: an opportunity to get to know each other better.

"During the gala dinner, some colleagues got on stage and wowed the rest of us with their hidden musical talents. Until then we hadn’t known they were such great performers. So we got excited and applauded their performances", says Quynh Giang. "While on company trips, it doesn’t matter whether you are a leader or a team member, you can talk to anyone about anything, from business to life. Well-planned company trips help staff members see each other in a new light and become closer, and this can result in improving their team cohesion and enhancing their productivity. Ours is a good example."

The photo above shows the Viettel Complex building in Ho Chi Minh City, where one of the MEVN offices is located.

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